Yaya Han Line of cosplay fabrics coming to Jo-Ann! Spring 2016!

Yaya Han Line of cosplay fabrics coming to Jo-Ann! Spring 2016!

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Unveiled at New York Comic Con, I'm excited to share that I have teamed up with CosplayFabrics.com to create a line of fabrics geared toward cosplay enthusiasts!

Guys, the struggle is real, yo. 16+ years of hunting all over the world/internet for fabrics, often holding up cosplay plans until the right fabric was found, then, after making the costumes, praying that they won't disintegrate due to "source unknown" materials (Totally happened. Repeatedly.), last minute changes to costumes because the fabric did not work the way I had wanted... I've done it all, and I knew most, if not all, cosplayers have had the same experiences.

Fabrics are my big love & hate relationship in cosplay. I adore fabric shopping, to a euphoric degree, and will weep and squeal in delight when I find an amazing material. I hoard fabrics, and keep swatches of everything I have ever used. I have nightmares about fabrics - what if I can't find what I have in mind? What if the finishing rubs off after one wear? What if it's too rigid and I can't go to the bathroom??

Much of my cosplay experience has been directly hinged to fabrics, which is why it has been very important to me and CosplayFabrics to create a line of fabrics with high quality, durability and the unique finishes, textures and patterns we cosplayers need.

It's been a HUGE undertaking, and I am happy to say that the Yaya line of fabrics will be coming to Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores nationwide in Spring 2016.

More information coming soon!!

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